Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Why I'm voting for Donald Trump*

Election Day is nearly here, and though I have scant time for blogging these days, I felt compelled to weigh in once again. I’m not exactly excited to do so, but these are the times we live in. Devoted readers may recall that I called the 2012 election a “miserable slog.” Who was being naïve then, Kay?

Not impressed

Hillary Clinton is one of the weakest presidential nominees we have seen in a very long time. Barack Obama took her by surprise in 2008 because she is inept at putting forward a vision, does not inspire confidence in anything, and comes across as fake and foolish. She learned no lessons from her 2008 campaign, and if it weren’t for the pressure and passion of Bernie Sanders and his supporters, she would have had no raison d’être in this one. Sanders at least gave her something to push against and a reason to adopt some of his vision. Without that influence she would have been even more adrift.

Her supposed scandals do not interest me as they are not exactly scandalous. Her handling of them tends to be relevant. For instance, she did not initially reveal she had pneumonia because she is short-sighted, defensive, and has no perspective on how these things play out in public. Look no further than her idiotic campaign slogan: “I’m With Her.” What kind of vision for America is that? She may well have just used “Follow Me.”

She deserves credit for her performance in the debates, but aside from those three victories, the rest of her campaign has been full of backward thinking, defensiveness, and clumsy instincts. From the start of the general election, the strategy has been to pick up Republican voters when it should have been focused on turnout all along.

Therefore it is fair to assume that her presidency will be one full of missteps, questionable decisions, defensive posturing, and bad prioritization. I believe she is probably a good person who on many levels means well. But she’s a mediocre public figure who will never inspire the nation. And I doubt she will take the needed steps to fix what is broken in our politics, chiefly the corrupting influence of legalized bribery which influences all policy nowadays.

On the other hand

There is another choice. Unfortunately, that choice is Donald Trump. This is one of the most despicable, self-serving individuals on the planet. He lies more easily than he breathes. To call him willfully ignorant would imply that he's even capable of looking beyond his own nose. He’s a scam-artist who has filed for multiple bankruptcies to avoid paying his debts. Some billionaire... We know for certain that a Trump administration will be the most incompetent, least accountable, and likely most scandalous in history. He is a small, pathetic man who told Clinton at the debate that under his administration “you’d be in jail.” Of all the people in the world, it would be hard to think of a more unacceptable candidate.
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OK, nobody’s perfect. I lied in the title of this posting. I was trying to be provocative. Because what kind of sensible person in their right mind would ever vote for Donald Trump? Can you seriously imagine me doing that? How ridiculous! I would vote for George W Bush, Ross Perot, Warren G Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Ann  Coulter, or Britney Spears before I would cast a vote for this moronic clod. But I wanted to put that down in virtual ink just to see how absurd it looks. Funny joke, eh? Except…

But here we are

Somehow, more than 40% of the United States disagrees with me about Trump. So many people choose to put their faith in a boorish, inept buffoon. To be sure, part of the problem has to do with his opponent. And of course there are a lot of idiots and crazy people out there.

But still. There is clearly something very wrong with the United States of America. Most brainy folks have spent this season trying to understand the Trump supporters. Why do they follow this gasbag? Why do they ignore his interminable faults? Why do they excuse his vulgarity? Is it because they’re racist? Because of economic anxiety? Because they prefer an authoritarian figure?  Who the hell cares? When Trump threatened Clinton with jail at the debate, it was followed by hootin' and hollerin' from his supporters. Seriously.

The Republican Party has long ago dropped any pretense for reason, honest debate, or even a belief in democracy. We all live in our echo chambers now, but it just so happens that in the US the right-wing echo chamber has the doors shut tight to truth and light. Belief is more important than honesty, and the party has been gradually exploiting it further and further. So of course their supporters went for the most mendacious blowhard on the stage. During the chaos of their primary, it was fun to throw their 2012 slogan back in their faces: “You built this.” Funny, eh?

As others have written more eloquently than I can, Trump is not the cause of these problems, he is merely a symptom. His arrival was inevitable. Again, the GOP brought this not only on themselves, but to all of us. Thanks a lot, guys.

What to do

As mentioned, I’m not #withher, but I am sure as hell not with them. I no longer care to understand why they behave the way they do. I'm done trying to find sympathy with those who willfully embrace ignorance. If you live in America, you have to live with the rest of us. You don't get to blame everyone else for everything that's wrong in your life, especially if you purposefully avoid truth and reason. We need to repudiate them, not seek greater understanding. They have to hear that racism, xenophobia, ignorance, and hate are not congruent with the concept of America.And that means voting the GOP out of office for starters.

But it goes deeper than that. There is a sickness in our country, and ceding legitimacy to feelings based entirely on bullshit is what has been feeding the sickness more than anything else. Freedom of religion and thought is critical. But it does not mean freedom to believe in alternative realities and let those fantastical beliefs drive real-world decisions. And how could someone vote for Donald Trump if they weren’t buying every fantasy?

I do not arrive at this point easily. I feel I am condemning nearly half of my nation. But just look at that loser nutjob at the top of the ticket they keep making excuses for. And when he loses they will still claim belief in Paul Ryan’s absurd tax plan, that climate change is a hoax, and that ACORN stole the election. Enough already. 

I always like to end these with a fitting tune. Here you go:


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