Sunday, February 15, 2009

Caught a bug

I suppose I've never had the strongest immune system on the planet. Couple that with the fact that I often don't allow myself enough sleep, it means that I sometimes get sick a bit more often than I should. Whether any of these factors were at play about ten days ago or not, I cannot say. But I contracted some sort of stomach virus that hit me like a ton of bricks as I was coming home from work on Friday. By the time I arrived at the apartment, I was dizzy and kinda talking like this guy. A fever ensued and I spent the weekend alternating from the bed to the bathroom. On Saturday, we called for a doctor who came to the house to check me out. I definitely wonder how well my Spanish went, but Belu was here to take care of me and she did the majority of the talking. I honestly can't remember it that well. The house call cost me zero pesos. I don't think I could have made it in to a doctor's office or hospital (between the dizzyness and necessity of bathroom proximity), so I felt really lucky that the system worked in my favor. I'm feeling better, but there are still some lingering after effects (about which I am certain you do not wish to read).

When I returned to work on Monday, while eating my lunch, and mentioning the fact that I'd been sick, someone said, "Well, they found a cockroach in one of the salads that was delivered today. What did you eat on Friday?" "A salad." What ensued was a rather rapid search of all food currently being eaten at my particular table that thankfully resulted in no foreign objects. Turns out that the infiltrated salad came from another restaurant, one I don't expect we'll frequent any time soon. What's that? Yes, I believe it was alive. There are roaches all over the place here now that we're in the thick of summer. If you walk around town at night, odds are you'll see one, and maybe even crush it by accident. But one should always be watching the sidewalks here for the previously described dog poop. I finally stepped in some the other day (because I was sending a work e-mail on my phone at the time). Lucky for me, it was of the more durable variety...

Big Red keeps on rolling. On the initial day of La Liga de Ultimate, Argentina, it was deemed a good idea to dispense with the original schedule and play a triple-header with shorter games, so every team would get a chance to be part of the historic event. We started against Discosur, gave up the first point, took a lead, and then held on for a 5-4 victory. Then, against Cadillacs, after playing them relatively even, we pulled away for a good win. The stomach problems forced me to miss our management day (when we lead the drills and amistozo pickup game). Yesterday, a very hardfought battle versus Cadillacs arrived at a 12-12 tie before we notched the last two points for the 14-12 win. So... Big Red --> still undefeated! We've been having practices every Wednesday, and near the end of the last one we were overrun by a colony of local bugs. They were slightly larger than fireflies, but more like some sort of flying beetle. They either bit or scratched after landing on us, not to the point of drawing blood, but it was wholly unpleasant, nonetheless. We quickly got our butts over to the choripán stand where the smoke coming from the barbecue kept the little buggars at bay.
Big Red - Mission Accomplished on Day 1. I'm the one with the condom on his head. For protection, natch.

In other news, we have a couch! It has taken a loooong time and much effort to get the bank account situation straightened out here. Not being a citizen has its detriments. But, I finally had enough cash on hand to make a purchase (it's at least 10% cheaper if you pay cash). Check the bad boy out:A new mattress has also been purchased and will be delivered this week. Now we just need a table and chairs and we're at least in a normal home. I can't believe it's taken this long, but we're finally getting there. More on the apartment in a post to come very soon.

On Tuesday, we had a huge rainstorm, something that only happens about once a month around here. I found myself hearkening back to a rainy night during my week-long "prep visit" in July. While on the way to dinner with coworkers, I was thinking, "Wow, I'm going to live here. I need to remember this street because it seems like it's the main drag through town to get around." I'm pretty sure it was Avenida Córdoba, but I have only rarely found myself using that route. That's life in a big city, I suppose. But it does remind me that there is so much more exploration yet to come. My daily schedule is really busy, but I must make time for the parts of the city I haven't seen yet. Lucky for me, I'm not leaving any time soon.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Update a Comin

I've been working on a couple new postings here, but things are very busy with work right now. So, just to tide you over, here's a shot that Mike took at a recent Big Red practice:

Monday, February 2, 2009

Shuffle Your Life

This went out over the Facebook today, so I decided to give it a whack. But I'm posting here and not there, just because...

1. put the I-tunes on shuffle
2. use it to answer the questions in order
3. hit “next”
4. try not to cheat

1. How am I feeling today?
Razz – Kings of Leon
I don't know what that word means, but the song is a real burner. Wooh!

2. How far will I get in life?
I’m From Further North Than You – The Wedding Present
So, pretty far then? Note - I believe this title is applicable relative to every single person I have met in Buenos Aires except for Randall and Mike.

3. What is my best friend’s theme song?
Powerful Hankerin’- fIREHOSE
Well, that's true of all my friends. The question is, which one hankers for what? The answers, in random order: Beer, Love, Womanly Affection, Cigarettes, Speed (velocity, not the drug), Everything, A Baby, Adoration

4. What was high school like?
Almost Blue – Elvis Costello
Uhhhh, take out the almost?

5. How will today be?
Opus 40 – Mercury Rev
The day's almost over anyway.

6. What is in store for me this weekend?
Too Much of Anything – The Who
I can't wait!

7. What is the best thing about me?
Listening to Otis Redding at Home During Christmas – Okkervil River
Most accurate answer from the I-tunes yet.

8. What song describes my parents?
Circle the Fringes – The Gutter Twins
I have no idea what that is supposed to mean. I keep thinking of a rug they have that has fringes/tassles/whatevers that have never, ever been circled. Maybe it's due for circling?

9. How is my life going?
Good Old Funky Music – The Meters
Awwwwww riiiighhht.

10. What song will they play at my funeral?
Revolution Year Zero - The Poster Children
I like that this is the most upbeat song yet.

11. How does the world see me?
I’m a Man – Bo Diddley
Thank goodness.

12. What do my friends think of me?
Soulin’- J.J. Cale
Awwww... you people are too kind.

13. Do people secretly think I’m good looking?
Boplicity – Miles Davis
Since the song has no words and the title makes no sense, I assume that this is a solid "no." But one or two have said I'm good looking un-secretly.

14. How can I make myself happy?
I Wish I was a Motown Star – The Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination
Still looking for a remotely decent karaoke bar here. Actually, still looking for any karaoke bar here.

15. What should I do with my life?
I Can Only Give You Everything – The Troggs
You know, this is sadly apropos.

16. What is some good advice?
Tame - Pixies
Only advice-like line in the song: "fall on your face in those bad shoes". I think my I-tunes just insulted my wardrobe. Wouldn't be the first time.

17. Will I get married?
3XO - Pinback
Three times?!? Or is that three times zero? I'm so confused.

18. Where will I go in life?
You Can’t Judge a Book By Its Cover – Bo Diddley
Bo knows life.

19. Will I Have Kids?
I Get So Excited – The Equals
Hmmmm, quite the positive response from the I-tunes here. Unless that means I'm excited about not having kids. I guess it depends if I get married three times, eh?

20. What is my current theme song?
Ciao! - Lush
Chau, chau. Besos!

People, feel free to add your own results of this grand experiment in the comments section!!!

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