Friday, April 10, 2009

The view from the top

Just a quick note here to say yes, I know I'm behind, and yes, I have a lot of stories, anecdotes, political rants, and other stuff to get to. It's all in the hopper. Work has been extremely busy as of late. But this Easter weekend, Belu and I have fled to the mountains to take some quiet time alone with me and my book. I am expecting major progress. But first, I did want to share what it looks like with all of you. Hopefully you can click and enlarge this, because it's the view from just above our cabin (it's the one just in front and to the left of that close roof you see), and it's amazing.
Coming up after I get back to Buenos Aires, time permitting:
A Real Ramble
How Glenn Beck is killing people
Jetskis to Brazil
Easter weekend in Villa General Belgrano

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