Monday, July 13, 2009

Cariló's Way

Because I am so far behind on my postings in this space, this one is going to consist largely of photos and my usual silly captions. Not long after our trip to Villa General Belgrano, Belu and I took another writing sabbatical weekend to another peaceful and picturesque locale here in Argentina. This time, it was Cariló, an oceanfront community that has no paved roads and a lot of wealthy tourists. For this weekend, I suppose that included us. We drank mate, ate a ton, played on the beach (but not in the frigid water), failed to find a way to tune in to the Bulls' last playoff game, and I even got some writing done. I highly recommend Cariló, but only if you're staying in a nice, secluded place and don't hang out all day downtown to fight the crowds of self-important folks. Anyway, that's how we played it. The photograpic evidence:
Downtown Cariló in a more peaceful moment.

Breakfast delivered to the house every morning. Gooooood stuff.

Atop these tall trees, there were many, many birds nests with many, many little birdies. You could tell when the parents were away gathering food because the birdies were going berserk, tweeting their brains out. Not so different from a typical Argentine child at any moment during its existence.

I don't know what these birds were, but they were poking around in the ground for food. Maybe they needed to fill up before flying back to the noisy nests.

This snail is not here anymore, but he left us his old clothes as a gift.

Who knew mushrooms could grow in sand? By the way, this thing was huuuuuge.

With your pizza, you can get a Kokicola or Eleven-Up (I'm kidding - probably).

Belu at the front door to our place for the weekend. Muy lindo!

Abuela Goya makes some really good helado. Belu tries to magically get more from her.

...while I'm busy trying to make nice..

We, uhhh, got fondue twice. Once with meat/oil, and once with cheese. This is the cheese version. Belu is in charge of the long fork at the moment and will heretofore have an additional nickname --> The Fondue Master. (McRae, we ate this in your honor both times.)

I guarantee you that this dessert is bigger than it looks in this picture. By the way, we Uncle Frank'd it. For those who don't know (ok, nearly all of you), that means we didn't leave a single morsel, even though we knew of the negative health consequences.

They sell a LOT of sweets in this town. This is a chocolate store with loads of good stuff including rows and rows of chocolate huevos.

I'm smiling because I thankfully can't feel my feet anymore. The first 30 seconds were frighteningly painful.


Belu said...

I like your post!
We had fun that weekend!
I´m always looking forward to go back to Carilo... It´s probably my favorite place in Buenos Aires state.

Josh said...

We had a similarly pleasant experience with our place in Mendoza - outside the city, peace and quiet, and delivery facturas, yogurt, homemade marmelade, and miga sandwiches. I love complimentary room service.

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