Monday, October 12, 2009

Where You Been?

Hi Gang,

Sorry for the utter lack of posting in this and the other two blogs for, well, about a month now. I have moved. I do not have internet at home. My company has gone fascist and decided that large portions of the internet shall be off-limits. This includes the place where I create postings. So, I write this note to anyone who may be coming back here, expecting updates on my life and other ramblings. There is SO MUCH to discuss, but no way to blog about it yet. Anyway, sit tight and we should have this crap figured out soon. I hope so, anyway.

Just for the sake of giving you a taste, here's a view from my window (many, many more to come):


Anonymous said...

Been wondering where you were. You're up there pretty high but the view was prettier from the terrace at North Avenue, verdad!! Hope you get back online muy pronto.
El Viejo

Kozy said...

I can't wait to see that beautiful view for myself!

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