Saturday, April 9, 2011

The big day has arrived

You may have noticed a severe lack of postings both here and on those other two blogs I try to write in whenever I have free time. Well, my work life continues to be busy, but that's no surprise. I like my job and am very devoted to it.

But the more complete silence as of late is because of another pending event that has required a lot of attention. Today I'm getting married. Yes, again, but now it's a big-time event!

Tons of hard work and crucial decisions have culminated in this day. A day where many friends and nearly all the family have made the trek down to Buenos Aires. The bachelor party is over (which, thank goodness because I would surely be dead if it had continued the entire week). The flowers are chosen. A decent night's sleep was had. The tuxedo is in hand. Just eight short hours from now, I'll still be married, but this time God is in on the deal. My parents are in on the deal, too, and they're pretty darn important.

Today we enjoy the fruits of our labor, and share them with everyone. It is an absolutely gorgeous day here in BsAs - the weather could not possibly be better. I know that by this time tomorrow, I'm going to be lamenting that it all passed by so quickly and hoping everyone had as much fun as I did.

More than anything, I've got the best girl in the world by my side, and that's plenty of cause for celebration right there! And maybe after a couple of weeks on the beach, I'll even get back into blogging again. But today's all about enjoying everything that brought us here. It's going to be an absolute blast...


Domenic said...

Congrats Andrew - Mayo su futuro juntos sostiene solamente los cielos más claros y más brillantes (had to make an honest attempt at Spanish in honor of your new bride!)

-- Dom

Kozy said...

It has been a great week spending the week down here in BsAs with you and Belu and I can't wait to celebrate your wedding with you here tonight. It is a night we will remember forever.

- Brad

DaVe said...

Congrats! We still have to meet up for a drink after things settle down!

Lahill said...

Mom says it was a triple-blast - AND BEAUTIFUL!!
Y El Viejo dice "Increible!!
Sus padres (y Brian tambien).

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