Friday, June 9, 2017

Two Decades On

Today marks 20 years since I joined Nielsen! Because of the location (Schaumburg, IL), I assumed my time with the company only last two years at most. Three continents and two decades later, I’m still happy to be here.

I hope in that time I have brought a lot to Nielsen, but there’s no question about how much the company has given me. First, there’s the career development, worldwide travel, and industry know-how, all predicated upon being able to analyze numbers and talk about those analyses. I love the challenge of simplifying my nerdier passions, and lucky for me there’s been a market for it.

After 10 years in my hometown, I have been sent to live in Argentina and Switzerland. Again, that first assignment was supposed to be a fun and challenging two–year stint before a return home. Yet that mission has, thus far, incorporated 1½ new languages (French is a work-in-progress), two completely different cultures, and being a founding member of an ultimate frisbee club team. Much more importantly, I’ve also encountered the love of my life, and built a family with two great little kiddos who are growing up as American/Argentinean/Swiss hybrids. I hope we are not confusing them too much.

But on this arbitrary milestone I think most about all of the excellent colleagues at Nielsen. Nearly every friendship I have made since college has been at least indirectly due to Nielsen. Friends who share the same intense interest in music, friends I’ve met playing Ultimate Frisbee, and of course arriving in the hospitable community of Buenos Aires… It’s likely none of these relationships would have happened without the connections built via this company.

As a rookie I was trained by the very best, and have tried to pass along what they taught me at each stage since then. I’m proud and fortunate to say that I hired in some amazing people who have grown to become excellent leaders thanks to their considerable talents and drive. And moving around in the world has allowed me to bridge the partnership between old and new associates. The second project I ran as an analyst was delivered to the guy who is now my boss. (He’s been around a bit longer than I have.)  Our CEO says “It’s a great time to be at Nielsen,” and I agree. I can’t wait to see what the next decades have in store. At the very least, I have confidence that I will have superb teammates.

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Mike Addona said...

Congratulations, Andrew!

I seems like not that long ago that I interviewed you in Ann Arbor. Many people have been blessed to be your co-workers...I most definitely feel that way. You have done so much to mentor many current and former staff members, and your fingerprints are prominent within the company (on three continents!). Wishing you continued success as an employee, husband and father.

Much love from Mike & Bev

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