Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Can Has Apartmint?

So, I'm moved in. Wooh! I have, like, zero stuff. Woooh! But I'm in, and it feels pretty good. My big shipment of "stuff" will be here in about two days. I'm hoping that my records didn't melt in the cross-ocean journey and that all other items arrive intact. I'm sleeping on an air mattress for which I thankfully remembered to pack sheets. A blanket, however, was missing. Air mattresses don't provide any insulation, and even though I'm always the bragging about never being cold, my first night was somewhat frigid. Using a towel as my only blanket, I made do. So now I have to set about filling the apartment with stuff. I have a roommate lined up at least. He's from Los Angeles and we'd previously met briefly in Lincoln, Nebraska when we were both doing stints for Sports Illustrated. Small world, eh?

Perhaps the biggest reason I was eager to get into this place was that I haven't been able to do any laundry yet. My stock of clean clothes was seriously dwindling. I have enough ropa sucia to do about four loads, but I had another problem. The machines in the building only take coins. And coins are extremely hard to come by in Buenos Aires. I learned the reasons at work today. The bus company is privately owned and has cornered the market on loose change. If you want to ride the bus, you have to use change, and nearly everyone rides the bus. I rode the bus to work the last two days and it was a 15 minute ride. It picks me up a half block from home and drops me off a half block from work. The only time I had a better commute was when I was an unemployed book writer.

Speaking of writing, I wrote a column for a movie site I really dig. Check out my Top Ten Unfairly Maligned Sequels and drop a note saying why I don't know what I'm talking about.

Off to scrounge for change!


Joe said...

Excellent movie column, and congrats on the new place! I learned a hard lesson last year about trying to use a towel for a cover. It's probably warmer than 50 degrees in B.A., though.

Reed said...

Actually, at night it's getting down to 50 exactly every night, and being on the 10th floor with a lot of windows, that may be playing a role, too. Luckily (or unluckily), I've been without my trimmer for over a month so I'm almost as furry as Robin Williams these days. Uhhh... too much information? Sorry. It's that kind of blog sometimes. What I meant to say was, I bought a blanket yesterday and that worked a lot better.

And of course, thanks for the compliment!

Kozy said...

Don't they have a Wal-mart down there that you can buy a cheap blanket from?

Spend those sweet peso's my man!

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