Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cruising Along

First, a word from our sponsors. Note, this is a game show where the winner is whoever can eat an Argentine Whopper with no hands:
Can you imagine this commercial airing in the US? There would be protests from Indians, Japanese, women, and gameshow hosts. But here, it's on all the time. And I actually think it's hilarious. I may go to BK for lunch tomorrow.

I'm taking the bus to work every day. I'm probably the only person in the city who thinks it's fantastic. But I'm also the only person in the city who used to drive to Schaumburg. Every day. For nine years. Shudder... I get picked up just a block from my place and get dropped off a block from work, and the whole thing takes about 15-20 minutes. The cost is only 30 cents a ride. The complaints from people here generally focus on two issues. 1) The bus is really crowded. This is true. From what I hear, the subway is worse:...but I don't really mind the crowds that much. That's probably either because the ride is pretty short or because I just like being around the locals. 2) The bus company is not run by the government and they hoard all the spare change in the city. This is true. In fact, I was desperate to do laundry when I moved in two weeks ago and nobody would change any bills for me. The bus company collects so much change in a day and they then later sell off, say, 90 pesos in coins for 100 in bills. In the mornings there's a guy who's a dead ringer for actor Mike Starr that sells tickets. That saves time. But then, you get on the bus, the driver takes your ticket, rips it in half and throws the other half out the window. It's like Rip Taylor is driving your bus! Today, Rip threw his confetti all over Mike Starr. Starr didn't seem to mind.

So I have a roommate. His name is Josh and he's from Los Angeles. Josh and I met in Lincoln, Nebraska while doing simultaneous hard-hitting journalism for Sports Illustrated (i.e. eating beef and ogling college girls). So far, we're getting along quite well. It's fun to have someone to practice the language with you who's forced to be as patient as you are. We're learning the neighborhood pretty well, and testing each other's Spanish. I don't have a photo of Josh yet, but my female coworkers think he looks like Mexican pop singer Christian Castro, so here's a picture of that guy.
Feast Your Eyes, Ladies

Probably the biggest news here is that I finally got a fridge! I haven't had one since I left home on August 16th. I was a member of the clean plate club by necessity. There was simply no place to put the leftovers. I'd been putting my jar of dulce de leche out on the balcony to keep it fresh. That was silly, but soooo sweet. There are other things going on, like late nights at clubs. Oh, and bouts of writers block, but I don't even have a bed yet. It's hard to write on a lousy night's sleep. Incidentally, the rest of my stuff shipped here was supposed to have arrived today. We'll see how long it takes to tussle with customs and actually get it into the apartment. I'm hoping "not long," but expecting "when we feel like getting it to you; pipe down, sonny."

Finally, Josh and I were poking around on the internet here, trying to find out what a Flogger is. More on Floggers and Glams and Emos and Cumbia when I have my research done, but in the meanwhile, have a dancey weekend!


Nicolas said...

Hey my friend, it's funny to see how a foreigner sees the same things that I don't see because I'm used to.

So for me it's interesting to get different perspectives. What you said about the bus, where they split the ticket into two parts and drop one part outside through the window it's completely true and for me it's something I hate. I don't know why we Argentineans do these kind of things all the time...

What I would suggest is you to label the "Train Picture" so other people around the world don't think this has been taken from our trains... they are more or less the same but not that bad jaja

The last funny thing today from your post is the question about the floggers... you can see them at every shopping center between 14-18 years old with their strange haircuts and their funny clothes.. Floggers made their life around fotologs.. they meet each other at different malls and there are some rivalries between them and other urban tribes like the opposite side for those who are Rock and Roll lovers or those that are Cumbia addicts. Floggers are ranked themselves by those who have best google rank, or visits to their blogs or comments to their pictures and of course they die for a link to their blogs…

See you... Nico

Reed said...

Hola Nico,

Of course throwing the tickets out the window is ridiculous! But there is a guy with a broom who comes and pushes the stuff around on the street. He must get hit by cars all the time! Poor guy.

Yes, that train is not the Argentine subway. I think it's in Cleveland or something... jajaja.

We'll have to infiltrate the floggers!!

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