Sunday, March 7, 2010

Catching Up: July

So like I said, we need to catch up around here. So we're going to go month by month through the past and get back to current as soon as time allows.

At the outset of July, Belu and I took a weeklong trip to Chicago to celebrate various birthdays. Hers, my mom's and my brother's. We hit up Taste of Chicago (on a Tuesday at 2:30 PM - ideal timing!). Though far too short, it was a great trip, and we got a week of summer. Here are some photos:
The flags were a clear indication they knew we were coming

I once took a road trip that started just like this!

The best bread pudding in the world (from Rosangeli's). Apparently not so for the Argentine palate.

The obligatory Sarkis' "Disaster"

Just one small example of the best skyline in the world. From the architecture tour boat.

Obligatory Cloudgate photo. I'm in there, too (look for the womanly shopping bag)

Mmmmmm... Buffalo wing aftermath fingers...

Perhaps not a surprise, but the cheesecake stole the show. Argentine cheesecake is always weak stuff.

The famous Water Tower

Obligatory Home Alone church screamy picture.

McRae becomes part of the exhibit

What can I say? We got jealous.

La familia!

Late in the month, I accomplished something somewhat significant. I played board games in Argentina. OK, let me rephrase. I played board games in Spanish. At Adri's birthday party, Boggle and Taboo were two featured events, and I not only participated, I actually played well. Now, there are some caveats to such success. Namely, I played a hell of a log of Boggle as a kid and oms eof the Argentines were trying the game for the first time. And one could argue that a limited vocabulary actually helps with Taboo because you don't know any of the rest of the words on the card anyway. But my ability to communicated had clearly improved. Besides, after that we had a rousing game of Sexionary which traffics in international languages.
Deemed most hilarious dibujo of the evening.

Cute kids playing Jenga:

OK, so that was fun, right? Hopefully we can catch up quickly with the remaining (gulp) eight months.

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