Monday, March 29, 2010

Catching Up: October

To be honest, most of October pretty much followed the same as September. Belu and I toiled with our new apartment on a daily basis (though, it should be said, not with each other). I was able to play a bit more Ultimate, though we'll save the news on that front for November. Let's get to the news in blurb form:

Did you know that Volta (one of the primo heladerias in Buenos Aires) was running a promotion whereby if you walked into one of their shops on the night that the Argentine National Soccer team was playing, you could buy one kilo of ice cream and get another for free? It's true. Guess who decided to take advantage? I'm sad to say that this was all devoured in less than two weeks. I'm happy to say it was delicious.
Of course, this was just one half of the humongous batch

Also, our balcony continued to deliver amazing sunsets and we continued to appreciated them:
I need to set the camera up to automatically capture these

The biggest news in October is that Belu and I celebrated one year of dating, and did so in style. First, on the actual date, we hit up Bengal, a fancy Indian-ish joint, and then topped off the celebration with a trip to the Park Hyatt (aka, the most posh place in this city). Speaking of posh, here's Belu living it up in a wing chair with a pricey cocktail.
She's really out of my league

She surprised me with a trip to the Four Seasons in Carmelo, Uruguay. This was one of the fanciest places I'd been, and we had a nearly perfect weekend. What went wrong? It rained the entire time. I know people say this a lot and tend to exaggerate. I suppose I am doing the same. We arrived and had about 45 minutes of overcast skies. From that point on, it rained without a break for three straight days. So that was kind of a bummer. But we had a blast anyway. I'll let the photos tell the tale:
Some first class alfajores were awaiting us in the room.

The beautiful pool we never tried

We named him Boris

Belu gave up her cat because of my allergies. Looks like she's not ready to take Boris in.

Claudia - profesora de Mate estilo Uruguayo

Take up residence in Buenos Aires and before too long, you will spot some people drinking their mate in a peculiar way. That way is to hug the thermos like it's your favorite stuffed animal. Also, to bring the mate with you wherever you go. But the question remained - why do they do these things? Turns out they're related. In Uruguay, the mate is meant to be enjoyed no matter where you are. At work, home, on the road, while walking, riding a horse, whatevs. In Argentina it is meant to be shared, and generally drunk at home or in the office. So let's say you're riding a bicycle and want to drink some mate. You need to be able to pour water into the gourd, but you need to keep a hand on the handlebars. Thus, you have to be able to manager you mate with only one limb. And this is where the tradition of toting the thermos around like Kitty Carryall began. Or so the legend goes.
My best attempt at the Uruguayan technique.

Alfajor classes. Note the name on my hat.

Our constant companion - rain. We wuz robbed!

But with a gorgeous suite like this, who can complain?

Quite simply the biggest bathtub I have ever seen... Who needs a pool?

Other writing from October:
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